Lefroy Brooks Charterhouse / Classic

Lefroy Brooks Charterhouse / Classic
Drawing inspiration from the classic designs prevalent in 1900’s, the Lefroy Brooks Charterhouse collection is a brilliant way to introduce the century-old traditions into the current décor. The profound richness of classic designs have stood the test of time and each creation from this collection offers value for every penny that is spent on any of its products. The use of tapered pillars, deep basin bowls, high upstand and narrow rims have been infused together proportionally to enhance the look of every product coming from the Lefroy Brooks Charterhouse collection. All items ranging from toilets, pedestal stands, basins, and accessories are detailed with precision to act as a long-lasting bathroom fixture.

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  1. Lefroy Brooks Charterhouse White Basin
    Lefroy Brooks Charterhouse White Basin
    Special Price £359.04 Regular Price £448.80
  2. Chrome
    Lefroy Brooks Ceramic Cistern Pull and Chain
    Special Price £92.16 Regular Price £115.20
  3. Lefroy Brooks Classic Black Lavatory Seat
    Lefroy Brooks Classic Black Lavatory Seat
    Special Price £388.80 Regular Price £486.00
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