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Revamp Your Bathroom With Kudos

Gone are the days when bathrooms were neglected when it came to remodelling the house. Talking about the present times, people pay equal emphasis on their bathroom interiors as they do to any other part of the house. Nowadays, the out dated bathroom fittings are replaced by functional-yet aesthetically appealing bathroom fixtures. Styling your bathroom with first rate bathroom fixtures not only adds function and style to the bathroom area but also provides a trouble-free experience. So, it is not surprising that leading brands like Kudos are offering accessories that are high on the style quotient along with functionality. The artistically styled shower products from Kudos let you take the décor of the bathroom a notch higher.


Artistically Designed Shower Enclosures for a Spa-Like Experience

Installing high quality yet impressive shower enclosures in the bathroom create a tranquil atmosphere with their visually-subtle exteriors. They let you to wash down all your troubles in cascading water and relax.  Having a stylishly constructed shower enclosure not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but will help you in keeping the washroom floor dry and free from water puddles. Brands like Kudos offer a range of shower enclosures that are capable of providing a spa-like experience at home.

Shower Trays- Utilities to Keep the Bathroom Clutter-Free

The effectiveness of showers can be effortlessly increased with shower trays. Apart from minimising water leakage, the shower trays do not let the water to splash out. The installation is done a few inches higher than the floor of the bathroom. Available in variety of shapes and sizes, you get the freedom to choose the shower trays according to the needs of the bathroom. Many shower trays come with anti-slip coating for added convenience.

Shower Doors- For Avoiding ‘Water Mess’ in the Bathroom

Shower doors are an easy solution to enjoy an amazing shower experience without messing up the bathroom. It helps in keeping the bathroom clean. These days shower doors are made from toughened glass to ensure that there is no risk of splashing. The doors are accompanied with roller bearings for quiet and smooth opening and closing action. Nowadays, shower doors are offered in different finishes to complement your existing bathroom decor.

Where To Buy Premium Shower Enclosures, Doors and Trays?

These days you can easily obtain showering accessories and bathroom essentials from world renowned brands from the convenience of your home by ordering online. To enhance your showering experience Fountaindirect.co.uk brings to you first-rate bathware. Fountain Direct’s inventory includes hard-wearing showering products from reputed brands like Kudos. The Kudos Shower Enclosures, Doors and Shower Trays are backed with an industry-best lifetime guarantee to impart a trouble-free experience.

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