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Style Your Bathroom With Impey

Why Impey?

Impey, a wetroom specialist is the leading manufacturer in UK that provides luxury and high in quality wetroom products. A pioneer in wetroom technology, Impey has been launched the first wetroom floor former with in-built gradient feature that dominates in the market of healthcare as a level-access floor. Also, in the retail market, it comes up as a luxury wetroom.

Innovative designed by the skilled professionals, these high quality products are very much in demand as they are often used in the property; residential; education; leisure; health and care sectors.

The team of Impey has been closely worked with contractors and installers; architects and specifiers; local authorities and healthcare professionals to deliver innovative top quality wetroom solutions for all end users.

In fact, at this place, the dedicated and efficient team members provide training, suggestions and after sales service for all sorts of wetroom adaptions.

Provide support in every difficult condition

The company is bounded to provide wet room showering solutions to the consumers who experience mobility difficulties. They offer a wide range of products that includes walk-in wetroom shower floors for vinyl floor coverings, low access shower trays, shower doors, support rails, shower seats and more.

Get reliable technical support

If you are worried about how to install a wet room, then, do not go anywhere, as the company provides a dedicated technical help team to answer any queries you may have in installing. In fact, you can go through the available selection of wet room installation videos that defines precisely how to install a wetroom and confirm that all waterproofing is applied in an appropriate manner. In case, you have any urgent query, then, you can directly call the wet room technical team without any hassle.

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