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  • A Guide to Bathroom Radiators and Shower Fittings

    Nothing can match the refreshing experience offered by an early morning shower. A shower after a long day of tiring schedule also works wonders by easing off the fatigue and soothing our senses. In earlier times, natural waterfalls served the utility of a shower, which is now replaced by artificial units that grace our bathroom spaces. Other units like bathroom radiators have also become an integral part of our lives. They are being interestingly innovated and accompanied by other accessories to provide us with an incredible experience.

    Types of Showers

    Flaunting great reliability through their designs, electric showers, mixer showers, power showers, thermostatic showers, and even digital showers are now being popularly used. They can be accompanied by different heating accessories for a rejuvenating bathing experience. Grohe Showers enjoy a significant place in the world of bathroom accessories.

    Thermostatic Showers

    Enriched with multiple features, thermostatic showers deliver a relaxing showering experience. Featuring an automatic control mechanism, these showers provide an assurance of blissful comfort through a clever digital diverter technology infused in their design. Some of these thermostatic showers include intelligent controls like intuitive LED’s that come designed with an option of remote control.

    Significance of Bathroom Radiators

    Add an element of design to your bathroom décor by creating the ambience of an actual revitalizing zone through bathroom radiators. Equipped with world-class features, bathroom radiators combine amazing designs with superior technology to lend aesthetic beauty to your bathroom space. Thermostatic towel radiators have been introduced as an improved version of standard radiators in order to maintain a uniform room temperature during prolonged usage.

    Why Choose Fountaindirect ?

    Offering a wide range of accessories to enhance the appeal of your bathroom, Fountaindirect promises to deliver an unmatched experience of rejuvenating yourself with its supreme quality products. It enjoys a fine lineage of providing world class products and continues to earn great customer satisfaction. A one-stop shop for creating a complete ensemble, ranging from spa accessories, shower fittings, and other bathroom solutions, Fountaindirect undoubtedly wins hands down.

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