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We strive to deliver the best in bathroom fixtures and accessories to you. This means handpicking brands with proven expertise. Mermaid range of wall panels fulfills our criteria for quality and durability. Mermaid is among Europe’s most respected showering supplies and wall-panels manufacturer. The brand has engaged global attention with its constant pursuit for innovation, taking the lead in breakthrough designs. From standard to designer bathrooms, Mermaid provides the entire spectrum of wall panel supplies. You can expect the latest features in this segment from Mermaid—such as panels with antibacterial properties and the use of highly durable acrylic materials. We present an exhaustive inventory of Mermaid Wall Panels for your consideration. This includes accessories like covings, multi-purpose adhesives, 90-degree angles, channels, and edging profile. All Mermaid products come with an inarguable 10-year guarantee!
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