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Geberit Monoliths

Geberit Exclusive Monolith & Sigma 80 is notorious worldwide, with their innovative astounding range of Geberit Monoliths and Geberit Sigma 80 Flush plates. Geberit Monolith permits you to create a lxurious modern bathroom where floor standing toilets or wallhung toilets can be installed without any need to re-plumb or re-tile. Geberit enbody quality and value for money being the fitters choice as they provide an extensive range of fitting solutions for any bathroom. Acheive the bathroom of your dreams with Geberit, they provide endless possibilities permitting you to be as creative as you choose. Geberit's flexibility of use fulfills your every need whilst providing that clean high quality finish everytime. Choose from Geberit Exclusive Monolith & Sigma 80 exclusive range of products, creating an ambience of elegance and luxury with their Geberit Monoliths and Geberit Sigma80 Touchless Flushplates and Geberit Sensor taps. Creating your modern minimalist haven with Geberit was never easier!
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