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Bette Shower Trays

Founded in Germany in 1952, Bette have been leaders in manufacturers of steel enameled baths and bathroom products in Europe ever since. Producing 50,000 baths and shower trays per month, Bette produce beautiful baths, shower trays and washbasins and are passionate about creating the most beautiful and elegantly proportioned of all surfaces. Bette work with well-known designers and design teams who are known for their innovative and beautiful design ideas. 

Bette shower trays come as low-level, rectangular, quadrant and pentagonal. For the ultimate in showering luxury, try a BetterFloor; a flush steel shower floor which provides ultimate hygiene and available in 22 different colours to complement your flooring. 

Through decades of experience in steel reshaping and enamel finishing, Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of enameled steel products. Using the raw materials glass, water and steel, they create products in a large range of shapes, dimensions and colours, and finish them with BETTEGLAZE®, an exceptionally brilliant surface. Bette Glaze plus provides a water and dirt repellent surface.

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