Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select 460 1Jet Overhead Shower with Ceiling Connector 100 mm 24002600


  • Spray Pattern: Rain
  • Flow Rate: Rain 21 l/min at 3 bar
  • Operating Pressure: min. 1.5 bar/max. 6 bar
  • Easy cleanable glass spray disc
  • Spray Face: made of safety glass
  • Spray disc removeable for cleaning
  • Overhead shower removable for cleaning
  • Ceiling Connection Length: 100 mm
  • Installation: ceiling
  • QuickClean technology for easy limescale removal


  • Shower Head Size: 460 x 270 mm

Rainmaker Select 460 3jet Overhead Shower is a masterpiece of showering design that has a generous sense of space due to its powerful presence. Installed 100mm below the ceiling and held securely in place with a strong shower arm, it overwhelms the senses with its bespoke functionality.

The faceplate shows off no less than three different spray types, each with its own individual personality. Rain gives you an all-over spray while mainstream has a single row of rain jets that tantalise and finally Mono which relaxes and pummels the skin. Exacting standards are applied to each unit produced and with a safety glass element underneath to house the silicone nozzles that offer so much to each shower you have. The glass plate is supplied in two different guises of clean white mixed with chrome or indulgent black and chrome contrasting finishes.

With such a large shower you will need not only a powerful water supply of at least 1.5 bar pressure but also a shower tray or floor designed to clear the water at a high rate. A dedicated ceiling installation kit is required along with a three-way valve or Highflow Thermostat.

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