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Impey Wet Room Systems & Trays

Wetrooms add luxury, style and visual appeal to a home, and provide the perfect showering space even in the smallest areas. Wetrooms can be easily installed anywhere, from a ground floor space to a loft conversion, and their walk-in or walk-though design makes them accessible to everyone. They're easy to clean and maintain, and with Impey WaterGuard your walls and floors are completely protected. Achieving the correct gradient for your wetroom floor is essensial for efficient drainage, Impey's unique and innovative floor former technology makes it easy to install. Floor formers are fitted directly onto joists and then tiled upon to create the complete wetroom solution. With four types of floor former to choose from, you can acheive a perfect result in any situation.

Aqua Dec Linear 2 - A two gradient design which has been specifically designed to make installation easier. With only two gradients, there is no need to mitre the tiles in the corners. The linear drain is also ideal for use with powerful luxury showers.

Aqua Dec Linear 4 - Offering a four gradient design, this is an alternative to the Aqua-Dec Easy Fit and showcases a stylish 40mm wide stainless steel linear drain to allow a higher flow rate, which may be required for the most powerful showers and body jets.

Aqua-Dec Easy Fit - Ideal for concrete and wooden floors with no joists. No under barding is required, reducing both cost and installation time.

Aqua-Grade - The quick and easy way to create the perfect gradient for new pour conctrete floors.

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